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How To Compare A Bed In A Box 

How To Compare A Bed In A Box

Should I buy a bed in a box online? Advantages order from the comfort of your home. No dealing with sales people. Liberal return policy disadvantages no “try before you buy”. [Would you buy a car without driving it?]  A third of your life is spent in bed. Don’t you want to make sure you’re comfortable before you buy?Minimal selection. [What if I don’t want memory foam? How can a selection of 1 or 2 mattresses be suitable for every sleep position. 

How do I even know the comfort and support level of a mattress online?] return/ re-selection hassles. Online retailers have a return rate of 7% - 10%. vs. 2% for brick & mortar stores. Why? Because it’s a guessing game if you’ll be comfortable if you can’t lie on it first. Some return fees may be involved, coupled with the hassle of arranging for the return, reordering and re-delivery.No guidance. While we appreciate that many people wish to avoid the “pressure” of dealing with a salesperson, at Mattress Mark’s we try to ask intelligent questions about your sleeping style and needs before we try to “sell” you a bed. Isn’t that better than the 1-sided online sales pitch you get when shopping online? Online you’re getting the same advice you get at Walmart with a high school part-timer. None.No delivery, set-up, and haul-away. As an example, Caspar charges $75 to $100 to move your mattress purchase into a bedroom and set it up. You’re on the hook for an additional $50 to remove your old one.

Where’s the boxspring? Online retailers rely on disinformation when they tell you their mattress doesn’t require a boxspring. It’s either going on the floor, a platform bed, or a boxspring/foundation. Using an old worn out boxspring is usually a bad idea as it doesn’t provide proper support and will likely void your warranty.Fixed pricing. Online pricing (Queen mattress only) typically runs $795 to $1500. Brick and mortar stores are usually $350 to $1800 (including bed in a box options). And brick and mortar stores usually have sales running to reduce that price. 

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