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A Bed-in-a-Box Story

Wouldn’t you rather experience the comfort of the bed before you commit to purchasing? 

Perhaps it’s the price you are finding so attractive. A survey of the bed-in-a-box market, from Tuft & Needle, Caspar, Cocoon, and Saatva to Leesa, Helix and Purple, shows prices ranging from $600 to $1099 (Queen mattress).

Would it surprise you to know that Mattress Mark’s Sleep Shop offers bed-in-a-box convenience on memory foam mattresses from $489 to $1189? Hybrid memory foam & spring mattress range from $389 to $989.

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No guess work involved! Come in, relax and take a nap. Take advantage of our expert advice and friendly service. Delivery & setup, and 0% interest financing is available.

Prices above include a free waterproof, dust mite barrier mattress protector and Mattress Mark’s Sleep Shop Comfort Guarantee. Give us a shot. You won’t regret it.

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