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How To Choose An Adjustable Base

Thinking about an adjustable bed base? Here’s some friendly tips and what to look for when trying to choose what is right for you.SizeAdjustable bases come in every size, from Twin to King. Not all models may be available in all sizes.Are you thinking of trying a King size?

The first question you need to ask yourself is if you need each side to adjust separately, or will we be happy adjusting both sides to the same position simultaneously. Separate adjustables requires two TXL bases and mattresses, and will increase your cost over a solid King base. Also, not all bases are available as a solid King.Are you using existing furniture? Fortunately, adjustable bases are designed to fit into “most” beds. Ask about adjustable height legs to maximize your ability to adjust your base to your furniture. 

Are you replacing your old mattress at the same time? Not all mattresses are adjustable base friendly. Old style spring units may not articulate correctly with the base. 

What features do you desire/require on your base? Will a basic head/foot adjustable work for you? Corded or cordless remote? Would you like pre-programmed positions?Some of the more popular features are: massage (dual or single massage motor), head tilt (for TV watching/reading), adjustable lumbar support, anti-snore position, zero-gravity position, incline and lounge positions.Other features like under-deck lighting, charging ports for your phone, stereo speakers, etc. are icing on the cake.

 Comfort & HealthAdjustable bases are not just a nice addition to the comfort of your mattress, but also have great health benefits.Head elevation helps reduce snoring and acid reflux, in addition to easing your breathing.Foot elevation helps reduce swelling in your lower extremities and increases your heart’s ability to circulate blood.Zero-gravity positioning can be very therapeutic for your lower back, reducing tension and decompressing your lower back. It’s also a very comfortable and healthy position in which to sleep. Even if you are a side-sleeper, just 20 minutes in zero-gravity will set you up for a great night’s sleep.Anti-snore positioning is still a great position for a side sleeper. Slight head elevation eases breathing and still keeps you in good sleep posture. 

Come into the store and relax in an adjustable bed to see if it is right for you. Bring your questions. Answers are free!  

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